About company


Neptun SM is Number One in Supply Chain

Neptun maintains continuous supply of electric appliances, ironware and units. Company is built upon the solid rock of understanding of Quality.
For the moment Neptun SM operation covers whole Azerbaijan. Company owns 25000 m3 of warehouses throughout the country.

Company employs more than 240 professionals in different areas. Personnel is a principle asset of Neptun SM company, basis for its continuous development.

Company guarantees to its partners high quality of goods and service thanks to tailored processes and tuned system of rational distribution of human, material and time resources,.

Neptun SM had showed itself as trustworthy company with beneficial partnership programs basing both on short- or long-term relationship plans. Company is an official distributor of many leading worldwide brands.
Among Neptun SM customers’ are SOCAR, BP, Tekfen, Azfen, Azer-Qaz, Azer-Su, STP, Azmeco, Azerkorpu and other construction companies.

Company was participated and continues successful participation in supply of such a huge oil projects as Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli, Dan-Ulduzu, Shakh-Deniz and etc.

Our vision is: Trustworthy partnership + Quality of goods and service = Success

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